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Real Estate Development and Management

The Real Estate Practice Committee of Guanghe consists of one director and three deputy directors. The committee mainly provides professional legal services for clients in the development and financing of real estate projects, and full legal services for the theme real estate.

The real estate is one of the characteristic and key businessof the law firm After twenty-five years of dedicated work, Guanghe has become one of the large- law firm who has undertaken the largest number of legal services and the largest amount of subject matter and the most comprehensive types of business in the real estate development and mangement . Our lawyers have richprofessional service experience and the firm has been awarded multiple times asChambers' "Leading Law Firm in Real Estate and Construction”.

Guanghe Lawyers were invited by the legislative department to participate in the formulation of government rules and local regulations on real estate, such as Provisions on Administration of Real Estate Brokerage, Legislative Proposals on Shenzhen Real Estate Market Regulation, and Shenzhen Real Estate Regulations (Draft). Guanghe’s Lawyers participated in the compliance of the lawyer business specifications such as the "Operational Guidelines for Lawyers in Dealing with Commercial Real Estate Transactions" and the "Operational Guidelines for Lawyer in Handling Legal Services for Demolition and Relocation" issued by the National Lawers Association.

The real estate litigation and arbitration cases handled by Guanghe have significant influence in the industry. The firm represented Shenzhen Airport to respond to the dispute case over the contract of cooperative construction between two real estate development companies in Shenzhen (the litigation object is RMB 300 million) and respond to the jurisdictional dispute in an international arbitration case of an international company in Hong Kong (the subject matter is RMB 600 million), all of which were included as typical cases in "Civil Trial Guidance and Reference" sponsored by the Supreme People's Court.

        Service Areas:

  • Legal services for assignment and transfer of land use right

  • Perennial legal counsel services for real estate enterprises

  • Due diligence of real estate projects

  • Legal services for investment and financing of real estate projects

  • Full legal services for real estate project development

  • Full legal services for theme real estate

  • Legal services for transaction, merger and acquisition, demolition, compensation and settlement, dispute settlement of company's real estate project

        Land Investment:

  • Real Estate Development

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Real Estate Merger and Acquisition

  • Real Estate Investment and Financing

  • Listing and Refinancing of Real Estate Enterprises

  • Property Operation and Management

  • Dispute Settlement