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Dispute Settlement

Guanghe has rich experience in civil and commercial dispute settlement, especially in commercial litigation and arbitration of real estate, engineering construction, insurance compensation, etc. Meanwhile, Guanghe represented a large number of arbitration cases heard by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Shenzhen Arbitration Commission and other regional arbitration commissions. In addition to traditional dispute cases, Guanghe has accumulated rich experience in many emerging legal fields, including but not limited to: international trade, overseas jurisdiction disputes, securities issuance and transaction, investment and financing, letters of credit, bills, maritime affairs, product liability, trademarks, patents, domain names, copyrights and other intellectual property disputes.

Guanghe lawyers criminal defense team has solid legal knowledge and profound theoretical foundation. Some members have years of experience in criminal justice in public security, procuratorate, court and other state organs, and act as defender and agent ad litem in many important cases of social concern.

Guanghe legal services for the settlement of civil and commercial disputes mainly include:

  • Act as an agency to deal with various procedures of civil litigation and arbitration cases.

  • Develop dispute resolution and participate in settlement negotiations on behalf of clients.

  • Investigate background information of cases and adopt property preservation measures.

  • Analyze complex and difficult cases and formulate strategy.

  • Act as an agency to enforce judgments, awards and other legal documents in force

Guanghe legal services of criminal cases mainly include:

  • Accept the entrustment of victims and their legal representatives or close relatives, parties to incidental civil litigation and their legal representatives, and act as agent ad litem. Accept the entrustment of the private prosecutor and his legal representative in private prosecution cases and act as agent ad litem.

  • Investigation phase: After the criminal suspect has been first interrogated or subjected to criminal compulsory measures (including summon, detention, arrest, residential surveillance and obtaining a guarantor pending trial), the following legal services shall be provided to the criminal suspect: meet with the criminal suspect; provide legal opinions; apply for a guarantor pending trial; make complaints.

  • Prosecution phase: act as defender or agent and provide services including: consulting, excerpting and copying case materials; interview and correspondence; investigating and collecting case-related materials; defending or presenting representation opinions

  • Trial phase: serve as the defender of the accused in the first and second instance of a public prosecution case and provide services including: consulting, excerpting and copying case materials; meeting with the accused; investigating and collecting evidence; preparing for appearance in court; court investigation; court debate; legal service after adjournment, etc.