Guanghe Overview

Established in 1995, Guanghe Law Firm is one of the oldest partnership law firms in China. Guanghe is awarded a couple of NO.1 in South China: the first law firm with more than 100 lawyers, the first law firm with income of more than 100 million, and the first law firm with famous provincial trademark. Now, there are more than one thousand practicing lawyers in the firm.

Over 25 years of development, Guanghe was awarded with the title of "National Excellent Law Firm" by the All-China Lawyers Association, "Top Ten Large Law Firms in China" by Asian Legal Business in 2007, and "Top Law Firm in Asia" by Chambers & Partners in 2009. Since 2014, it has been awarded as the leading law firm in Asia-Pacific region in the field of "Corporate/ Commercial" and "Construction" by Chambers & Partners.

Based on the forefront of reform and opening-up, Guanghe has been acting as the "Explorer" and "Pioneer" of the legal service market in South China over the past 25 years, and has steadily grown from the specialized institute of infrastructure and real estate business to the large comprehensive institute with wide coverage and complete categories. Until present,there are 23 branches and several overseas liaison offices around the world. With the concept of specialization, large-scale and branding, Guanghe provides customers with multi-field and multi-level high-quality legal services based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Big Bay Area and takes the global  view.

Nowadays, with the belief of "pursuing a peaceful world", Guanghe seeks for development and enriches cultural connotation. Guanghe advocates the idea of "pacifying disputes with harmony", which has become all lawyers’ spiritual essence. With the action principles of open, compatibility, pragmatism and innovation, Guanghe make its own industry interpretation for Lingnan culture with unique regional characteristics. Starting from Great Bay Area, Guanghe is on the way of  building a further outstanding global platform towards the country and the whole world.

Chronicle of Events



Social Responsibilities

As a comprehensive law firm with strong sense of social responsibility, Guanghe has always been grateful for the social cultivation and cherishes the opportunities of contributing to the society. While pursuing the refinement and breakthroughs in the filed of practice, Guanghe also practices love and social responsibility with a broad mind and the unity of knowledge and action.

With the concept of specialization, large scale and branding, Guanghe provides clients with high-quality legal services in multiple fields and levels, based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, laying out nationwide and having the view of the whole world.


Guanghe (Shenzhen) Law Firm was established;

Guanghe (Vietnam) Law Firm was established.


Guanghe (Maoming) Law Firm was established;

Guanghe (Foshan) Law Firm was established;

The Legal Services Catalogue of Guanghe Law Firm was officially released;

The case handled by  Guanghe lawyers was rated as the ten typical cases of intellectual property rights of Guangdong lawyers in 2018;

Guanghe Lawyers participated in the National Report on the Legal Environment of Countries along the Belt and Road jointly written by members of the International Business Professional Committee of the All-China Layers Association and foreign-related lawyers of the All-China Layers Association;

As a member of the delegation of Guangdong Lawyers Association, A Guanghe lawyer was invited to attend the signing ceremony of the Singapore Convention on Mediation;


The first "June 8 Guanghe Day" was successfully held in the headquarters of Guanghe Law Firm, which is the first festival and anniversary established in the name of the law firm in China;

Guanghe (Wuhu) Law Firm was established;

Guanghe (Changchun) Law Firm was established;

Two "real estate and construction " cases of Guanghe Law Firm were successfully selected as the typical lawyer cases of Guangdong Lawyers Association in 2017;

The first director working meeting of the "two committees" was held, twelve working committees were established, and the original business departments were reorganized into 14 professional committees;


The party committee of Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm Committee of the Communist Party of China was founded, which is the first law firm party committee established in the lawyer profession in Shenzhen.

Guanghe (Zhongshan) Law Firm was established;

The second-instance administrative litigation case of Guanghe’s lawyers was rated as one of the ten typical cases in "2016 White Paper of Shenzhen Administrative Trial";

Guanghe’s Law Firm participated in the recording and release of the first oral history video on lawyers in China;

Guanghe’s Lawyers issued the legal opinion of the first local government special bond in China for the "2017 Shenzhen (same level) Rail Transit Special Bond (Phase I) _ 2017 Shenzhen Government Special Bond (Phase I)" issued by Shenzhen Municipal People's Government;


Guanghe (Dongguan) Law Firm was established;

Guanghe Law Firm became one of the first legal service professional institutions in the Guangdong state-owned assets system;


The headquarters of Guanghe Law Firm was moved to Shenzhen International Innovation Center;

Guanghe (Longgang) Law Firm was established;